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Single-family rental securitization market expands to federally subsidized rents

Rental securitization market growing
Tricon American Homes is helping lead a new type of bond offering in the rental home bond market. The company made headlines a little more than a year ago by launching its first securitization backed by single-family rental homes. Now the company is taking it a step further with a new type of bond offering.
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Is rent-to-own the future of housing?

Home Partners of America’s first securitization offers glimpse at new buying option
With rising rents making it more difficult for many to even save the 3% down payment they’d now need to buy a home, a new option is emerging as an avenue for consumers to live in the home they want and save money to buy it at the same time – rent-to-own.
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American Homes 4 Rent revenue explodes in first quarter

It’s a good time to be in the rental business
Riding a hefty increase in net operating income generate by leased properties, American Homes 4 Rent reported a revenue increase of 70.5% in the first quarter. With an increasing portfolio, things are only looking up for the company.
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Investors still bullish on single-family rental market

Highlights from IMN Single-Family Rental Investment Forum
While some recent downward pressure on yields experienced by the much larger institutional investors has somewhat tempered the enthusiasm surrounding single-family rentals, investors are still bullish on the performance of the new asset class.
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Invitation Homes names new CEO and executive chair

Elevates Bryce Blair, adds John Bartling
Bryce Blair, who has been on Invitation Homes’ board of directors since 2013, was named executive chairman of the board of directors. The company also named John Bartling as president and chief executive officer. Bartling will replace Invitation Homes’ current CEO Nick Gould.
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