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Is it time to ease lending standards?

Housing regulators face tough question
Car sales have recovered since the plague of the financial crisis, but the journey has not been as easy for housing. An article in The Wall Street Journal asks the tough question: Should mortgage lending standards ease?
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This chart proves mortgage credit availability isn’t improving

Isn't get worse, either
“We think tight mortgage credit and weak demand for mortgage credit are key driving forces behind the slow growth recovery story and the positive technical story for securitized products,” BofAML’s Chris Flanagan, Gregory Fitter and Mao Ding said in the new Securitization Weekly Overview.
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Mortgage credit loosens a bit

The mortgage credit availability index rose 0.6% from 110.2 in November to 110.9 in December, which means a loosening of credit on what is an otherwise flatline, the Mortgage Bankers Association pointed out this week.
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