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MBA: Mortgage credit continues to loosen

Thanks to new conforming loan programs
Once again, mortgage credit availability trended higher, increasing in October thanks to new conforming loan programs, many of which were affordable housing programs that have lower down payment requirements.
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MBA: Mortgage credit ticks up in August

Jumbos the biggest gainers, but coventionals see small boost
Mortgage credit availability increased in August and has increased in eight of the last nine months, mainly on jumbo loan products but also on conforming conventional mortgage loans. Here's the scorecard.
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Mortgage credit availability stalled in June

Refi boomlet not enough to lift other products
Mortgage credit availability decreased in June according to the Mortgage Credit Availability Index, a report from the Mortgage Bankers Association which analyzes data from Ellie Mae’s AllRegs Market Clarity business information tool.
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Zillow: Mortgage lending tight, but not for long

Data shows 4Q14 credit more restricted
After loosening all year, credit standards began to tighten at the end of 2014. Yet the end of last year was also when the government started to announce a slew of new initiatives to expand the credit box. So what’s the future for mortgage lending right now?
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