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Surge in sales leads to tighter housing market

Capital Economics: Housing market activity has seen gains favoring buyers
With limited numbers of existing homes coming onto the market, rising sales have led to very tight market conditions, according to a new client note from Capital Economics. This may be good for buyers and here's why.
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Has the mortgage market turned a corner?

Mortgage lending still below norms and signs point to...
The mortgage market has been as weak as the jobs market and the economy as a whole so far this year. Is it ready to turn a corner, or will it miss and continue right off the road?
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What’s STILL missing from the housing recovery?

Despite June’s topline good numbers, the answer is still JOBS
The jobs report headline number — hereafter referred to as “smoke and mirrors” — that was heralded by the usual suspects in the financial press, misses a fatal crack in the foundation: the reason the economy added 288,000 jobs in June is because part-time jobs grew by 799,000, while full-time jobs fell by 523,000. Oops.
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Cash house sales hit high as smart money retreats

"All is not well"
What do you make of the fact that all-cash home sales are at a record high even as institutional investor interest is dropping to its lowest level in two years? Are families, as one tweeter put it, “shrewdly avoiding taking on usurious 4.21% 30-year mortgages?”
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