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Ready, Set, Go! Software Providers Rush into Risk Management

After spending the majority of the housing boom developing software that could automate much of the underwriting process -- and, in my mind, help enable an era of loosened lending standards -- quite a few mortgage tech companies are shifting their focus to the newest hot zone in the industry: risk management.
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Offshoring Conglomerate On Mortgage Tech Buying Spree

A company by the name of ISGN Technologies, Ltd. -- don't worry, I hadn't heard of them until very recently, either -- is apparently on a buying spree in the mortgage industry, announcing this morning that it had purchased Dynatek for an undisclosed sum. Dynatek's MORvision automated underwriting system is the software company's core asset.
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eGistics Touts Online Lending Process Management Solution

eGistics, Inc., said Monday that it has launched a hosted solution that image-enables the lending process from end-to-end. The solution streamlines the lending process from loan application to resale by using on-demand images, routing and workflow to significantly reduce the friction, time and cost of paper-constrained processes, the company said in a press statement. “Today's launch marks a significant milestone for the lending industry as we help drive the transformation from paper to electronic processing, just as we have done in the payments arena,� said eGistics chairman and CEO Bob Lund. “By combining our hosted, component-based architecture with advanced workflow and process automation technologies, we're changing the way companies manage the lending process, end-to-end.�
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