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How we chose a new appraisal vendor management platform

A case study of why Academy Mortgage chose Mercury Network as its tech solution for appraisal vendor management
Between upgrading versions of its own proprietary software and outside integrations with several appraisal vendor management providers, Academy had dealt with five different appraisal vendor management systems in two years. Find out what happened when the company went looking for technology that was the right fit for the long term.
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CoreLogic finalizes acquisition of Mercury Network

Acquired 45% of company earlier this year
CoreLogic’s acquisition of Mercury Network is now complete. When CoreLogic announced the Mercury Network deal back in June, the company said that it already acquired a 45% passive minority stake in Mercury Network and planned to purchase the remaining 55% later this year. As it turns out, “later this year” turned out to be August 10th.
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Here's how much CoreLogic is paying to acquire Mercury Network

Reveals price for 45% stake in company
Last month, CoreLogic continued its massive expansion into the valuations business by announcing that it was acquiring Mercury Network, a purchase valuation technology and appraisal management platform provider, from Serent Capital. What wasn’t known at the time is just how much CoreLogic is paying for Mercury Network, but CoreLogic revealed the details of the acquisition in the company’s second quarter earnings report.
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CoreLogic expanding valuation business, announces acquisition of Mercury Network

In last few years, CoreLogic also acquired LandSafe, FNC, and RELS
Over the last several years, CoreLogic launched and significantly grew its valuations division through a series of substantial acquisitions, buying LandSafe Appraisal Services, FNC, and RELS for a total purchase price of approximately $587 million. And it looks like CoreLogic isn’t done growing its valuations business either, as the company announced Tuesday that it is acquiring Mercury Network.
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Mercury Network acquiring Appraisal Scope

Deal combines two valuation management software platforms
Last year, Mercury Network, an appraisal management system, announced plans to expand by acquiring Platinum Data Solutions, a QC technology company. And it turns out that the company is not done growing, as the company announced this week that it is acquiring Appraisal Scope, a provider of valuation management software.
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From HW Magazine

2017 HW Tech100 Winner: Mercury Network

Company delivers 40 new features including commercial appraisal management
The company’s integrations with other third-party technology providers have expanded and its entire network has grown to connect to more than 23,000 appraisal vendors and more than 265 appraisal management company vendors.
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Mercury Network acquires Platinum Data Solutions

Move impacts more than 950 lenders
In a move that is one of the first of its kind for the industry, Mercury Network, an appraisal management system, announced it acquired Platinum Data Solutions, a QC technology company. In light of the changes, HousingWire talked with Will Clemens, CEO of Mercury Network, and Phil Huff, CEO of Platinum Data, to see how the change fits perfectly into both of the companies.
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LRES reports 'dramatic growth' in 2015

Company poised for more in 2016
LRES, a national REO and appraisal management company offering property valuations, asset management, HOA and technology solutions for the mortgage and real estate industry, announced Thursday that the company had a "banner year" in 2015.
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American Southwest Mortgage Co. partners with Mercury Network

Implements Mercury Network’s Enterprise Vendor Framework
Mercury Network, a software platform that allows lenders and appraisal management companies to manage their collateral valuation workflow, announced that American Southwest Mortgage Co. began using Mercury Network’s suite of offerings.
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