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Parties leave no middle ground for economic reform

With more debates expected over the federal debt ceiling and budget, the president and the Speaker of the House face an uphill battle as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle push back on issues like the Lawrence Summers appointment.
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Stocks, bonds rally as Summers exits Fed Chair race

Lawrence Summers, the presumed top pick to replace Ben Bernanke at the Fed, has long been considered more of a hawk — and a potential Fed chief who would be less accommodating when making decisions about the tapering of MBS and Treasury purchases. For this reason, the markets rallied after Summers dropped out of the race.
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Larry Summers removes himself as potential Fed Chair pick

But don't assume Yellen is a shoe-in just yet
Larry Summers has pulled himself from contention and will no longer be considered for the Federal Reserve chairman post. So is it Janet Yellen? And how will the markets react Monday morning? At least one economist expects Wall Street to be somewhat happy with the idea of Yellen.
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The Big Show: Battle lines drawn over next Fed pick

White House shoots down rumors Summers is next
All the chatter on Capitol Hill revolved around an international report that President Obama has chosen his next Federal Reserve chairman pick. However, the White House was quick to shoot down rumors, leaving the market wondering who will take over Bernanke's throne.
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Larry Summers is Obama’s Fed pick, Japanese paper claims

White House denies a selection has been made
White House officials say the president has not selected a nominee to replace Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve Chairman, but a Japanese newspaper says President Obama has, and the alleged pick is Larry Summers.
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