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Moody’s downgrades Ocwen’s servicer ratings

Cites increased regulatory scrutiny and force-placed insurance concerns
Moody's suggests that the scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commission and the New York Department of Financial Services "could restrict Ocwen's activities, levy monetary fines, or take additional actions that could negatively affect the company's financial strength and servicing stability."
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SEC subpoenas Ocwen over Altisource, HLSS associations

Joins NYDFS in questioning company’s relationship with its affiliates
Ocwen’s close relationship with Altisource Residential, Altisource Asset Management Corp., Altisource Portfolio, and Home Loan Servicing Solutions has been under scrutiny since New York's Department of Financial Services first sent a letter to Ocwen’s general counsel about the dealings between the affiliated companies in February.
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SEC charges jailed broker with fraud in real estate scam

Vitale allegedly told his investors that their funds were “100% protected” when they were not, and he claimed to be a financial expert with a business degree from Notre Dame. In fact, he never attended college after graduating from Notre Dame High School in West Haven, Conn.

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3 dangers housing finance faces in 2014

Ambiguous, complex, and inconsistent enforcment ahead
When a law's effect is determined by how it is enforced, and when there's a new model of regulation by people who don't understand what they're regulating — that's not a good place to be.
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Your student loan is tanking the mortgage market

Rising education debt spells doom for housing
Taking out a loan to finance an education is the new American dream. With more citizens needing higher education to get a job, and the price tag on that education going up, the market is now desperately out of whack. The outcome? Mortgages in the U.S. are taking a backseat to student loans.
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