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Countdown: The top 10 HousingWire stories of the year (9,10)

Here’s what our readers were most interested in
As we count down the days until Christmas and the new year, HousingWire is beginning to look at our year in review. Here are some of the most popular articles of the year; some of them might surprise you – I know they surprised me! While others are more obvious.
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Consolidated Analytics buys PCA Appraisal Management

Merger of appraisal management companies
In a deal between two appraisal management companies, Consolidated Analytics, an appraisal management company and mortgage advisory firm, announced this week that it acquired PCA Appraisal Management, which provides real estate appraisal services. Here are the details.
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Industry veteran Phil Huff joins Altisource as VP and head of valuations

Huff will lead Altisource’s valuation services, serve as president and CEO of Springhouse
Industry veteran Phil Huff will serve as president and CEO of Springhouse, a full-service appraisal management company and subsidiary of Altisource. Springhouse also announced the addition of George Paquette, who will serve as manager of valuations.
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Clarocity Corporation unveils Clarocity Valuation Services

Valuation services provider formed by Valuation Vision, Valued Veterans merger
Clarocity Corporation, a provider of real estate valuation solutions, announced recently that it launched Clarocity Valuation Services, which will serve as the distributor of Clarocity’s valuation products. According to the Clarocity Corp., ClarocityVS was formed by merging Valuation Vision and Valued Veterans.
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CoreLogic finalizes acquisition of Mercury Network

Acquired 45% of company earlier this year
CoreLogic’s acquisition of Mercury Network is now complete. When CoreLogic announced the Mercury Network deal back in June, the company said that it already acquired a 45% passive minority stake in Mercury Network and planned to purchase the remaining 55% later this year. As it turns out, “later this year” turned out to be August 10th.
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