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Grocery store is most-desirable neighborhood amenity, Federal Reserve report shows

Also, the reasons adult children live with their parents
The most important neighborhood amenity is a grocery store. About 87% of people said it is “moderately or very important” to have nearby. Next on the list was a combined category of “shops or restaurants,” which 75% of people cited as being important. The next slot went to banks, with 65% of people citing them as important, then places of worship, at 48%.
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This is why Millennials have yet to flood housing market

Largest generation isn’t fueling home buying market
Millennials are the largest living generation, however, according to Freddie Mac’s March Insight report, they are falling short of dominating the housing market. With the youngest Millennial turning 24 this year, many are beginning to wonder what’s keeping the largest generation since the Baby Boomers from entering the housing market, and what will happen when they do.
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Worries about the housing market are overblown

There are limits, after all
There is no question that the government remains a larger force in the housing market and is focused on protecting consumers. However recent actions by FHA, the Department of Justice and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are more likely to constrain rather than expand the availability of credit.
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CFPB: Student loan debt hijacks the housing recovery

Indebted college grads live with parents because they fear buying homes
Nothing is hurting the housing recovery in such a nuanced way as student loan debt, according to a CFPB ombudsman. Three-fourths of the fall in household formation can be directly correlated to student debt.
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