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Rental listing service reports Baby Boomers leaving homeownership in droves

Boomer renting population surges 28%
Over the past few years, the largest spike in renters hasn’t come from Millennials, but rather, Baby Boomers. While it is unclear why Baby Boomers are suddenly turning to renting, some factors could include a change in lifestyle, consequences of the housing crash or an inability to downsize due to lack of affordable homes.
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Renters suddenly say now is great time to buy a home

Less Americans expect to see home prices rise
Renter’s shift to saying "now" is a good time to buy a home is a significant change from August, when Americans agreed it was the right time to sell, but not to buy. Not only did renters show a jump in confidence in the buyers’ market, but many Americans also think the days of rapidly increasing home prices may have reached an end.
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New bill could bring tax relief to renters struggling with affordability

Bill from New York’s Joseph Crowley seeks to provide relief to “rent-burdened”
A new bill introduced Monday by Rep. Joseph Crowley, D-New York, could bring relief to renters who find themselves struggling to afford their rent. Crowley’s bill, entitled “The Rent Relief Act,” would offer refundable tax credits to people who live in rental housing. Here are more details about the bill.
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How to turn the lifestyle renter into a homeowner

Lenders and Realtors can partner to educate and offer affordable mortgage solutions
It’s generally agreed that the economy’s future health depends most of all on the behavior of the largest generation in American history: Millennials. Their consumption patterns have been eagerly analyzed by every business sector, but for many traditional industries, the resulting conclusions are not very comforting.
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Renters view down payment as largest barrier to homeownership

70% say they’re struggling to come up with down payment
A new survey from Zillow shows many renters want to own a home but cite down payments as a major barrier to homeownership. As the housing market looks to Millennials to improve on the low homeownership rate, Zillow’s survey shows this faith in the younger generation is not misplaced.
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Freddie Mac: Renters say they expect to stay where they are

Less say they’re working toward homeownership
As renters become more confident, they are not moving toward homeownership, but say they are fine where they are and will continue to rent over the next few years. In fact, many say even if they move, they are likely to continue renting and expect rent prices to remain affordable.
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Investor to NAR: We aren’t competing with first-time homebuyers

OwnAmerica CEO says the needs of renters are important, too
The National Association of Realtors spoke out several times in the past few weeks against investors, saying they are creating more unwanted competition for first-time homebuyers. But one investor finally had enough, saying that in fact, the entire industry benefits from housing investment.
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