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DOJ demands to see CoreLogic's MLS data in antitrust probe

Investigation follows lawsuits against NAR, MLS providers on buyer broker compensation rules
The Department of Justice recently sent a letter to CoreLogic requesting access to its MLS data regarding buyer broker compensation, a clear sign that the federal authorities are actively investigating allegations of antitrust violations among multiple listing service providers.
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Homeownership investment company Unison sees explosive 370% YOY growth

Is its debt-free, shared-investment model going to become the new way to access equity?
Homeownership investment pioneer Unison closed out 2018 with an impressive 370% growth in revenue and $2.42 billion in co-invested real estate, the company reported. Could the company's stellar year be a sign that shared homeownership investment will be the new "it" way to access your equity?
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These are the 5 issues impacting real estate right now

And the 5 issues to look out for in the future
The Counselors of Real Estate, an advisory organization that monitors real estate, released its latest report detailing the top 10 issues affecting the real estate industry. This year, the organization divided its annual list to focus on five issues currently impacting the industry and five issues to watch for potential long-term impact over the next three to seven years.
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Commercial real estate prices hit historical peak

Regulators concerned about imbalances
Rapidly rising prices in the commercial real estate market concerns some regulators, bringing some to claim the low interest rates could lead to unsustainable gains. Goldman Sachs breaks down the CRE market and compares it to residential.
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