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Borrowers flock to ARMs as interest rates rise

Mortgage closing rates hit highest point in 2018
As interest rates continue to increase, borrowers are increasingly utilizing adjustable rate mortgages. Here’s what the latest Ellie Mae report reveals about that and other dynamics of the mortgage lending market.
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Has inflation reached its peak?

Capital Economics thinks so
A new note from analysts at Capital Economics says that core inflation has already peaked. The analysts posit that because labor costs and dollar appreciation have only grown modestly, core inflation is “unlikely to rise much further.”
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Number of borrowers with refi incentive plummets

Are you prepared for midterm elections
Amid rising interest rates, the latest data from Black Knight shows more than half of homeowners who entered the year with an incentive to refinance their mortgage have since lost it. And do you know what your candidate’s views are on issues surrounding housing, finance and other areas that are important for you? Here’s how to find out.
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Plummeting Ellie Mae stock signals slow-down ahead?

Company revises year’s revenue expectations
While Ellie Mae posted positive third-quarter earnings results, it was significantly lower than Wall Street’s expectations, and could even signal a slow-down ahead. The company’s revenue increased 15% in the third quarter to $123 million – below the expected $128 million.
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Lenders reveal their secret sauce to Credit Karma

Struggling market leads lenders to seek out new revenue sources
Some of the largest lenders in the U.S. are now sharing their loan-approval process with consumer finance app Credit Karma. This unprecedented move comes as lenders struggle amid high competition, rising interest rates and fewer borrowers.
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Trump blames Fed for stock market nosedive

President told reporters he thinks the Fed went "crazy"
President Donald Trump is quadrupling down on his ire toward the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes. On the Tarmac at Erie International Airport, he blamed Wednesday’s market meltdown on the Fed, telling reporters, "The Fed is making a mistake," and saying, "I think the Fed has gone crazy."
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President Trump 'not happy' with Fed hiking interest rates

Mortgage rates keep inching higher, as well
President Donald Trump is giving the Federal Reserve grief over interest rate hikes once again, but Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell isn't paying him any mind. Meanwhile, mortgage rates are continuing to inch higher, higher today than in the last seven years, actually.
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