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Gen Xers suddenly start buying homes in droves

Millennials aren’t alone in struggle with student debt
Millennials receive much of the focus from the housing market as they are the next generation expected to enter the market, however the much-needed starter homes are currently owned by another generation – Gen X. And for the first time in several years, Gen Xers are beginning to buy their next home, showing the most home buying activity since 2014.
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Freddie Mac: 4 financial hurdles blocking homeownership

70% of renters believe renting is more affordable
Nearly three quarters of renters feel that renting is a more affordable choice than homeownership, even though it’s more affordable to buy. Here are the four financial hurdles renters who plan to buy in the next three years indicate they still have to overcome.
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Millennials most confident generation about their credit scores

Infographic shows generational view of FICO scores
While Millennials are the most confident generation — with nearly three in five Millennials saying they would be comfortable disclosing their credit score to their parents — they may not be the most aware. This infographic shows exactly where each generation stands.
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Turnaround: Millennials driving housing momentum?

Housing optimism boosted by millennial confidence
"Cynics might argue that these results represent no more than youthful exuberance, or perhaps some naiveté, but that’s missing the point. We need this generation to be confident and wanting to buy, regardless of the difficulties they face," said Zillow Chief Economist Stan Humphries.
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Think Millennials are stalling the housing market?

Think again. They have nothing on reluctant thirty-somethings
For years now, everyone has been blaming the Millennials for stalling the housing recovery because of their reluctance in buying a home, but it may be the cohort right before them – the generational cuspers, or those born from 1978 to 1982 – who are to blame. This age group now has the lowest homeownership rate in decades.
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