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HUD plan to end public housing aid for undocumented immigrants could lead to evictions of 55,000 children

Move could also lead to decrease in available public housing
Approximately 55,000 children could be evicted from public housing if the Department of Housing and Urban Development goes through with a proposed plan to end public housing aid for undocumented immigrants, HUD revealed in a report on the rule change’s potential impact.
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Confusion reigns over whether government is backing mortgages for DACA Dreamers

HUD claims nothing has changed, lenders are hearing differently
The Department of Housing and Urban Development, Federal Housing Administration, and Department of Agriculture told HousingWire recently that their policies have not changed in regard to mortgages to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients. But multiple lenders and mortgage industry participants tell HousingWire that HUD seems to be saying one thing and doing another.
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HUD to lenders: We are not denying mortgages to DACA Dreamers

The status quo remains, for now
The Department of Housing and Urban Development, Federal Housing Administration, Department of Agriculture, and Fannie Mae are not denying mortgages to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients, the agencies told HousingWire this week. That’s in spite of what some in the mortgage industry are claiming the agencies are saying about lending to DACA recipients, also called Dreamers.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Construction boom could ease affordability in 2018

And what the latest DACA news means for housing
To probably no one’s surprise, affordable housing continues to worsen in buyer and rental markets. But this could take a positive turn in 2018 as many experts continue to predict the market is shaping up for a construction boom. Unless, of course, the administration’s immigration policies continue to deplete the much-needed construction labor force.
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Critics set Twitter ablaze after Ben Carson's first HUD speech makes uncommon comparison

Not all corners of the World Wide Web lost it, though
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson delivered a speech to his new employees that set one part the web ablaze. After referring to slaves as some of the U.S.’s first immigrants, the secretary faced high levels of criticism on one particular chat platform. But HUD quickly came to Carson’s defense.
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Zillow gives 6 predictions for housing in 2017

Immigration, Millennials, new homes and more
Zillow lists six predictions for housing in 2017. These predictions touch on some of this year’s key topics including immigration, Millennials and new home construction. Compare and contrast Zillow’s prediction with others from the housing industry.
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Immigrants becoming most important group for housing?

Homeownership rate for immigrants outpacing that of native-born citizens
Immigrants are gaining on native-born citizens when it comes to homeownership rates. In one state the gap is less than 10%. While native-born citizens have the same homeownership rate as in 1994, the rate for immigrants’ has improved.
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Here’s how new immigration trends impact the housing market

A factor in the issues plaguing housing
There’s one less-noticed factor that is impacting the current shortage of cheap service labor and affordable housing: the education level of immigrants is rising. It’s important to note that there’s nothing wrong with this, but people should be prepared for this shift.
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