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Is it really risky business at Fannie, Freddie?

Viable alternatives or the same old mistakes?
A little risk in life is a good thing, and everyone deserves a chance to prove they can do better than they have. But some say the housing policies being pursued may sound awfully familiar. Maybe, just maybe, the GSE are on to something good.
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Bad news continues to dog housing sector

"Feel good" programs are not a solution
We should applaud efforts made to make mortgages available to more segments of our society, but, unless stringent guidelines remain in place we will find ourselves fueling another housing and economic meltdown before we have truly escaped from the last one.
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Appraisal disruption

Is Fannie Mae right to think that Collateral Underwriter is the answer to appraisal quality?
Typically, for a process and a product that depends largely on human effort, if you want a higher quality product, you have to pay more. The best doctors, chefs, mechanics and attorneys all make more than the market average. Nevertheless, lenders, AMCs and Fannie Mae all expect appraisal quality to increase even as appraiser fees decrease.
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How QM fails to deliver

National Mortgage Risk Index trends higher
The qualified mortgage rule was deigned to halt excessively risky lending, but according to one industry expert, the rule fails to really create any type of significant impact.
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Larger downpayments mean nothing if a home is overvalued

Pinto: Higher prices contributed to the housing meltdown
The fallout from the 2008 mortgage crisis prompted regulators to search high and low for solutions to their most pressing questions. But by 2010, their findings – which led to the creation of the Dodd-Frank Act – had already become blurred by preconceived notions about the role of low downpayments in the underwriting process.
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