JPMorgan (JPM) released a new iPad application Monday that allows users to access research whether they're in the mobile network or not. Users initially have to go online to retrieve the content, but can then save it under the briefcase icon and access it outside of their mobile network. Through the JPMorgan Research iPad app, users can also customize their home screen view of research across all asset class, follow and receive updates from their favorite analysts, and navigate research page by page. The app also sends users a notification every time new research is posted. Future capabilities for the research app will include video, direct data retrieval and live chatting. The application is free, and accessible to subscribers of JPMorgan's research. The cost of the firm's research varies by type. Research and analysis comes from more than 1,000 JPMorgan analysts and covers economic indicators, markets, companies, and asset classes on a global scale. Write to Christine Ricciardi. Disclosure: The author holds no relevant investments.