In response to increasing demand for third-party quality loan assurance, mortgage-technology services firm ISGN released a new quality assurance and review platform. The platform provides users with loan auditing, underwriting review, loan-modification review, portfolio surveillance and foreclosure documentation. ISGN said it's building on 10 years of loan origination and due diligence experience to bring servicers, mortgage insurance companies and investors a "highly standardized" and "consistent" assurance process. “With distressed market dynamics, servicers are in dire need for third-party, independent quality assurance services–particularly with the fluctuations in volume, regulatory changes and market unpredictability,” said Chetan Patel, executive vice president of ISGN. "Our QA and Review service helps lenders and servicers achieve quality throughout their processes." The quality assurance and review service line is available on or off-site, according to the company. ISGN Corporation is a services and technology provider for the mortgage industry based in Bensalem, Pa. Earlier this year, the firm launched a new software system to automate and manage distressed mortgage and real estate-owned properties. Write to Christine Ricciardi.