Mortgage technology and service provider ISGN Corp. launched Tempo during the Mortgage Banker Association’s National Mortgage Servicing Conference & Expo 2013.

Tempo is a web-based default management platform offering dynamic, real-time work queues as well as reportable communication to ensure that external and internal parties can fulfill all required steps to complete a loan, according to the company.

"In order to offset the higher cost structure in servicing, technology solutions are a key lever to improving precision, reducing cost and enabling lenders to strategically focus on their business," said Chief Marketing Officer Paul Imura of ISGN.

Similarly, Ankush Dham, director of technology products and services for ISGN, noted that today's ever-changing regulatory environment calls for complete accuracy within the mortgage servicing market. 

"With Tempo, we're not only keeping servicers compliant, but enabling significant cost savings. For a servicer, that could translate into nearly $800,000 in cost savings a year," Dham said. "We anticipate this platform to be a real game-changer for our clients and prospects."