Appraisal firm IRR-Residential has disconnected from Integra Realty Resources, changing its name to Accurity Valuation to operate as an independent appraisal company for mortgage lenders.

Based in Westwood, Kan., the company provides residential and light commercial appraisals, default valuations, relocation services, pre- and post-funding quality control, forensic reviews and specialized services to mortgage lenders, government agencies, attorneys and others.

To adjust to the new changes, the company is restructuring their ownership, board of directors and corporate management. Former IRR-Residential chief appraiser and compliance officer Thomas M. Munizzo was appointed the new president of Accurity Valuation.

"Because of our extensive reach and the unparalleled talent of our appraisal experts, Accurity Valuation is capable of handling any valuation need on a local, regional and national level," said Richard Shackelford, executive vice president of sales and marketing for the company.

He continued saying, "Meanwhile, our new website provides a single point of contact for lenders, attorneys and other clients to access our franchise offices, products and services nationwide with speed and ease."