John Burnett joined default management and collateral valuation company Integrated Asset Services as chief operating officer. As an 18-year veteran of the industry, Burnett has extensive management experience in the real estate-owned, foreclosure, valuation, bankruptcy and loss mitigation divisions. Prior to IAS, Burnett worked at IBM-Lender Business Process Services, Wilshire Credit Corp., Wells Fargo Bank (WFC) and Washington Mutual Bank, holding senior positions at each firm. For this reason, IAS President Ryan Tomazin said he is excited to have Burnett on board. "As part of our ‘no excuses’ approach to doing business, we’re continually reinvesting in every aspect of our business, including the leadership team,” said Tomazin. “John represents the kind of proven professional we’re looking for to help us raise the bar in quality and performance for the industry.” Write to Christine Ricciardi. Follow her on Twitter @HWnewbieCR. Disclosure: The author holds no relevant investments.