Integra Group Real Estate expanded its property management services to include vacant property inspections.

The Tucson, Ariz.-based brokerage firm specializes in the management, marketing and sale of distressed properties in Southern Arizona. It provides property inspections and evaluations of vacant listings at no additional fee to clients.

“Our expansion of Integra Property Management’s services provides our clients an additional layer of support for their listings that maintains or enhances the long-term value of their properties,” said Integra President Eric Lichtenheld.

Integra offers clients access to photo-sharing portals of the inspection as well as reports from the team’s GPS-equipped vehicles with fleet tracking systems. Clients can review time-stamped photos to confirm the time and duration of each inspection.

The way in which property managers gauge local employment conditions in areas where they rent out distressed properties will be one of the key determinations to future risk ratings on the securitized cash flow, Fitch Ratings recently said.

"While many of the more notable states, such as California, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada, have a significant volume of distressed and REO inventory, investment decisions are more driven by local employment conditions and neighborhood desirability," the credit ratings firm said.