Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller filed suit against H&R Financial Services Inc. of New Mexico, claiming its owners promised a home loan modification for a struggling borrower, but took off with their money without providing the services requested.

Zoeller claims on the state AG's website that the firm's owners, William John Heckler and Richard Ruegsegger, collected $1,683 in upfront fees from an Indiana resident, promising to help them get a home loan modification.

"If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure it’s important to find legitimate help early and not rely on unsolicited offers promising to stop foreclosure now or significantly reduce loan payments,"Zoeller said. "Homeowners must be protected and that’s why our office aggressively pursues violators and works to support victims left in their wake."

Zoeller's office claims H&R Financial Services violated the Mortgage Rescue Protection Fraud Act, the Deceptive Consumer Sales Act and the Credit Services Organization Act.

The AG also says the company failed to obtain a certificate of authority from the state to conduct business in Indiana. Zoeller is asking the court for a permanent injunction, restitution and civil damages.