Auctioneer Hudson & Marshall is auctioning a pool of 50 homes in Colorado, Idaho, Washington, and Utah this week. It’s the first auctions Hudson & Marshall is conducting in Idaho and Washington in eight years, and the first in three years in Utah. The auctions, being held this week will offload homes in Seattle/Tacoma, Salt Lake City, Cedar City, Boise, Denver, and Colorado Springs, list homes typically valued from $50,000 to $600,000. All homes come with title insurance paid for by the seller. The winning bidder is required to make a cash or certified check deposit of $2,500 for each property purchased. “Demand for bank-owned homes is high because people have realized they can buy great value homes while the market is down and get a huge return on their investment when prices rebound,” said Dave Webb, principal, Hudson & Marshall. A number of the homes were sold on Hudson & Marshall’s Web site before the auction. The firm tells HousingWire that online portals are becoming increasingly important in the home auction space. Write to Austin Kilgore.