Momentum continued to grow in a snowball effect manner, with prices rising to a two-year high in December, according to the latest FNC report.

Battling a deceleration in economic growth, the housing recovery maintained a steady pace, shooting FNC’s residential price index up 5.4% year to date.

The recovery of the underlying property values is strongly influenced by a stabilizing foreclosure market. While many markets that were hardest hit still face challenges, there are signs that foreclosure prices have bottomed out.

As a percentage of total home sales, foreclosures were 17.8% in December, down from 24.0% a year ago.

The FNC 100-MSA, which is based on recorded sales of non-distressed properties in the 100 largest metropolitan areas, revealed that December home prices remained relatively unchanged from the month before, but still rose 4.9% on a year-over-year basis.

The 30-MSA and 10-MSA composite indices paralleled the 100-MSA momentum, relatively unchanged from November and up 5.8% from December 2011.

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The housing markets varied widely throughout the country. Baltimore, Chicago, Houston and San Antonio fell relatively flat over the last 12 months. Conversely, Phoenix and Denver saw double-digit growth. Chicago continues to underperform other major markets that make up the FNC 30-MSA index.

Real estate broker Redfin also released its real-time home price tracker Friday, revealing that sales volume fell by 20% from December, but were up 12% from overall 2012 levels — the strongest January in four years. Phoenix led the price tracker, with a 31% increase in home prices year-over-year.

Inventory continues to shrink as buyer demand grows, with the top seven markets showing the largest drop in inventory all in California: Sacramento (70% decrease), San Francisco (63.7% decrease), San Jose (61.2% decrease), Ventura (60.3% decrease), Los Angeles (57.3% decrease), Inland Empire (54.7%) and San Diego (52.4% decrease).

Because the inventory is so small, homes are being snagged off the market quickly. The top five fastest-selling markets were also all in California: San Jose, San Francisco, Ventura, Los Angeles, Inland Empire and San Diego.