Nearly 3,400 at-risk homeowners attended face-to-face outreach workshops put on by the HOPE NOW alliance in Southern California. The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and Neighborworks America co-sponsored the events held in San Diego and Riverside, California. The San Diego event attracted 957 homeowners, and the event in Riverside reached more than 2,400 borrowers, according to a release. Mortgage servicers, investors, counselors and other professionals in the housing industry joined HOPE NOW to reach homeowners in an effort to prevent foreclosures. “The sheer volume of homeowners who came through the doors at the two Southern California events was astounding and it truly underscored the foreclosure problem facing so many residents in the region,” said Eric Selk, director of outreach for HOPE NOW. “Even if a decision was not reached on-site, the majority of those who attended at least left with a clearer picture of their mortgage situation and a plan of action for keeping their home.” So far in 2009, more than 1.2m borrowers received a workout, and since March 2008, HOPE NOW’s 51 face-to-face events assisted more than 44,000 families, according to the release. HOPE NOW has planned events for Atlanta on Oct. 29, St. Louis on Nov. 4 and Dallas on Nov. 7. Write to Jon Prior.