A subsidiary of Dallas-based real estate brokerage Henry S. Miller filed for bankruptcy over a $9m debt the firm said is a result of mortgage fraud, according to multiple media reports. Three creditors are owed approximately $9m after the Henry S. Miller Co. brokered a deal for a fraudulent buyer who cannot be located, The Dallas Morning News reported. The firm reallocated its commercial real estate assets to another entity, Henry S. Miller Cos. According to the report, the entity filing for bankruptcy does not have any operations or employees. The filing is currently an involuntary Chapter 7 case, but the brokerage is seeking to have the case converted to a Chapter 11 case, which would provide greater protection for the firm. The case is in Judge Stacey Jernigan’s US Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas, located in downtown Dallas. On Sunday, Henry Miller Jr., son of the firm’s namesake and the businessman responsible for growing the firm into one of the nation’s largest, passed away at 95 after a brief illness. Write to Austin Kilgore.