Let’s face it, times are changing and technology is now a driving force behind real estate sales.

Agents now depend upon mobile devices, social media and other tech-savvy solutions to drive sales, develop clients and engage new customers.

Real estate e-mail marketing firm Happy Grasshopper is at the forefront of this movement and recently endorsed the upcoming REX Annual real estate conference in Fort Worth as "a Texas-sized real estate Hootenanny to Beat the Band."

The e-mail marketing firm writes, "Now in its 4th year, REX Annual (formerly REO Expo) is doing something we refer to as 'NOT MESSING AROUND.' They’ve put together a schedule of great information about how to deal with REOs and distressed properties, the incorporation of social business, making the most of tech that actually matters, and connecting with others … and they’ve put it deep in the heart of Texas. So we know it’s gonna be big."

Happy Grasshopper also describes REX speakers as "high toned," adding "these are folks that aren’t just witty and engaging (and yes, they’re that, too), but speakers who have the real-world know-how to get stuff done in business. They know what works and, quite frankly, what doesn’t (and there’s plenty that doesn’t). It’s this last bit that matters most, I think."

Click here to read the full Happy Grasshopper review … and, of course, here to sign up for REX.