Ginnie Mae mortgage-backed securities issuance totaled more than $41 billion in June, which is barely changed from May.

Issuers securitized more than $31.88 billion in single-family loans in Ginnie Mae II pools, while also securitizing nearly $6.82 billion Ginnie I pools.

"This marks the second consecutive month that Ginnie Mae’s monthly issuance has topped $40 billion," said Ginnie Mae President Ted Tozer. 

He added, "The secondary market is still dependent upon the execution of the Ginnie Mae MBS to fulfill its liquidity needs."

In June, issuance for Ginnie Mae Home Equity Conversion Mortgage-Backed Security (HMBS), included in Ginnie Mae II single-family pools, was $702 million.

Total single-family issuance for June amounted to $38.71 billion.

Additionally, issuance of multifamily MBS reached $2.33 billion for the month.