Seventy-three percent of people experience an "Imagination Gap" in which they cannot visualize how a property will look with all of their belongings inside, according to a new study from Floorplanner, an online 3-D floor-planning platform.

This is especially true when viewing properties online.

Additionally, 70% of people still can’t imagine how a property will look even after they’ve seen it in person.

These numbers are impactful on the property market, as the same study by Floorplanner found that 75% of people are less likely to buy or rent a home that they can’t picture themselves in. 

So in an attempt to improve this problem, Floorplanner has purchased MyDeco3D. The award-winning 3D tool offered by Floorplanner adds new depth to online property listings by enabling floorplans to be populated by virtual, highly accurate versions of real-world products and furnishings.

"A floorplan is a crucial component of any property listing. Our research shows over 50% of consumers spend more time viewing properties that have an interactive floorplan, making a sale or let much more likely," said Jeroen Bekkers, CEO and founder of Floorplanner.

Bekkers added, "Floorplanner has always had a unique interactivity that helps people visualize properties more clearly. With the addition of Mydeco’s technology, we’ll be able to close the Imagination Gap of house-purchasers and homemakers by delivering room styling in an even more compelling way. Unlike photos or static 2D plans, our platform can show the future potential of a property, making it easier to buy, sell, let and rent a property."

Jeroen added that almost a million rooms have been designed with Mydeco’s 3D tools.