Getting accurate and timely information from the field to firms managing assets is crucial in today’s market.

Demand for this type of service prompted Field Asset Services to roll out its Flexible Mobile Survey, an app recently attached to the company's FAStrack Mobile photo management tool.   

The tool delivers customized work orders in survey form, submitting the questionnaires directly to vendors through their smart phones.

Austin-based FAS designed the surveys in collaboration with the company's asset management clients.

The survey allows vendors to answer a series of specific questions about individual properties, allowing all parties monitoring and managing a property to gain the most up-to-date details.

The app includes voice technology, so vendors are no longer required to take hand-written notes when touring a home for inspections.

"Our Flexible Mobile Survey delivers the flexibility that clients need in order to quickly obtain the most up-to-date details regarding a particular asset or asset group," said Dale McPherson, president and CEO of Field Asset Services.

"With the ability to create customized questions, we’re able to move beyond generic work orders and drill down to specific details about a property that need to be verified. Clients receive additional value because of the efficiency at which we’re able to operate—days instead of weeks—from creation to deployment of the surveys, including delivery of customized reports in whatever format a client prefers."