Financial Industry Computer Systems (FICS) released the latest version of its online mortgage loan origination software, LPOnline. The Dallas-based mortgage technology company specializes in developing private-label residential mortgage origination and servicing and commercial servicing technology. The update includes a loan officer module that allows originators to assist borrowers with completing loan applications and determining the best loan options to fulfill their needs. The software creates “loan plans” to present only the products a borrower is eligible for, filtered based on the borrowers’ loan amount and credit scores. It also has a function that lets originators order credit reports that can be viewed online. “With today’s tighter underwriting standards, the most profitable lenders are the ones who can quickly and accurately evaluate borrowers and present them with loan plans that fit their financial situation,” said FICS president Susan Graham. “With LPOnline, the loan application, credit report findings and initial disclosures are simultaneously downloaded into back-office and document management systems to eliminate extra work and maintain data consistency throughout the origination process,” she added. Write to Austin Kilgore.