The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston sued several entities in the securitization chain this week, seeking relief for $5.8 billion in soured private-label mortgage-backed securities. The bank filed the lawsuit in the Superior Court Department Business Litigation Session of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It named securities dealers, underwriters, control persons, issuers, depositors, and credit-rating agencies. The MBS were issued by 115 securitization trusts. FHLB Boston alleged it was given untrue or misleading statements in the sale of the securities. Securities documents allegedly contained misrepresentations, omissions and unfair or deceptive trade practices. The bank also claimed fraud on the part of the ratings agencies. "The Bank is seeking various forms of relief including rescission, recovery of damages, recovery of purchase consideration plus interest (less income received to date) and recovery of reasonable attorneys' fees and costs of suit," the FHLB of Boston said. The lawsuit names several Wall Street investment firms, and the traders who arranged the deals by name, as defendants. Several foreign banks and their fixed-income employees are also named in the filings. Former employees of Lehman Brothers are also named. Write to Jon Prior. Follow him on Twitter @JonAPrior.