The Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta posted income of $60 million for the second quarter of 2012, an increase of $22 million from its profit of $38 million a year earlier.

The bank's results for the second quarter ending June 30 are unaudited. Full unaudited results will be reported in the bank's 10-Q Securities and Exchange Commission filing, which will be filed on Aug. 9.

At June 30, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta had approximately $119.4 billion in assets, a decline of 4.65% from December.

The bank's retained earnings balance hovered around $1.3 billion in late June, which is up 7.2% or by $90 million from December.

The bank's second quarter performance resulted in an annualized return on equity of 3.76%, compared to 2.01% for second quarter 2011.