The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. launched a series of outreach shops to help investors figure out how to invest or acquire assets from failed banks.

The series, which runs in three different cities in October, is open to all investors, especially minority and women-owned businesses and platforms.

The goal of the series is to reach out to individuals and firms that may have a desire to invest in these types of assets, but lack the know-how or experience to do so.

"We believe that expanding the investor pool will assist in minimizing losses to the Deposit Insurance Fund," said Pamela Farwig, deputy director of the division of resolutions and receiverships.

The workshops will run a half day and are slated to take place in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

Those in attendance will learn more about structured sales and the pre-qualification process used to acquire assets from failed banks.

The Chicago workshop takes place on Sept. 27, followed by the Los Angeles workshop on Oct. 2 and a session in New York on Oct. 16.