Information services firm Experian is adding its consumer credit information for non-agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS) to the private-label deal library run by Lewtan, a technology provider to the securitization industry. Through the partnership, Experian expands the reach of its CreditHorizons for Securities offering -- a data-feed product launched this month -- to non-agency residential MBS investors by linking credit data into Lewtan's ABSNet Loan. "By enhancing CreditHorizons for Securities with Lewtan's robust loan-level database, we are able to deliver consumer-centric information to an even greater population of market participants," said Experian Capital Markets general manager Ethan Klemperer in a statement. The linking of consumer credit information to loan-level data will help investors project delinquency and default likelihood, obtain granular data about underlying collateral, and understand the impact of borrower behavior on RMBS portfolios. "We feel this relationship brings a depth of data about the borrower, the loan and the property value which will help restore investor confidence by enhancing the sophistication of credit analysis that can be performed," said Ned Myers, Lewtan chief marketing officer. "This solution provides greater insight towards delinquency and loss forecasting, pricing strategies and for making RMBS buy and sell decisions." Write to Diana Golobay.