Document Processing Systems, Inc., a Novi, Mich.-based provider of mortgage technology solutions, sadi Wednesday that users of its DPS eMortgage Studio will now have the ability to fully sign, close, and register eNotes using the just-released MISMO eSigned PDF Guidelines v1.0 and the draft MERS eRegistry PDF Guidelines. Using the DPS eMortgage Studio, lenders and title companies will have a choice between using the industry-specific SMART Docs format or Adobe's universal PDF file format for electronic loan documentation. The PDF format is widely considered the de facto standard by which to preserve the exact look of a document in a device-independent manner. While also available using the SMART Docs format, lenders have become comfortable using PDF's inherent form fields to manage loan documents, which provide such features as checkboxes and initials sections. That comfort level also extends to PDF's ease of document set-up and support of intelligent workflow management systems. "We are pleased to be able to offer full access for PDF documents within the eMortgage Studio," said Paul Rakowicz, president of DPS. "Preserving the layout and 'feel' of a document is very important to the experience some lenders offer borrowers at closing. Plus, allowing lenders the option to leverage existing PDF technology allows for a smooth and comfortable transition into a more paperless process by reducing the impact on current business processes currently used by the nation's largest lenders." "The eMortgage Studio was developed to be file format independent, and has, since its release in 2004 with the closing of the first eNote registered on the MERS eRegistry, been using PDFs extensively. We are glad that both MISMO and MERS have been able to offer guidance and assurances for lenders, title companies, and third-party service providers like DPS as to how to fully support eSigned PDFs in addition to SMART Docs." For more information, visit