McLean, VA-based MBS ProClose said Monday that it had launched a new web service to manage closing document distribution. The platform, called ProClose Platinum Web Service, connects directly with the Calyx Point loan origination system and is MISMO-compliant, the company said in a press statement. Both MBS ProClose and Calyx co-developed the network interface that allows users of Calyx Point to connect directly with ProClose Platinum Web Service, according to MBS ProClose president Christine Kirby. "As LOS systems work more collaboratively with doc preps the way Calyx does, they will come to understand that their export can easily include more existing data than is passed through via the current, standard closing file," said MBS ProClose president Christine Kirby. "When they accommodate a more complete MISMO XML pass-through, they will help create the seamless experience that end-users deserve." Kirby said that ProClose Platinum accommodates any MISMO XML transfers natively, without the need for a serparate data integration procedure -- she said this eliminates the need for data mapping, limits discrepancies between program selections and helps prevent incomplete pass-through of data from LOS to doc prep. "MISMO XML has the potential to solve many of mortgage lenders’ greatest challenges if it is properly accommodated by all lending technology tools," said Kirby. "MBS ProClose has made a significant investment in developing the Platinum Web Service because we believe that our role as an industry service provider is to serve the needs of mortgage lenders, not the other way around." For more information, visit