Bank of America wants a pristine balance sheet. This is how they plan to do it. The Las Vegas neon glow in the airplane window seems almost naïve now. The city has been at the center of the foreclosure crisis for more than four years. In fact, its foreclosure rate has led the country over the past 40 months with one in nine homes receiving a foreclosure filing in 2010. Waiting for default specialist Rebecca Mairone when the plane lands are 1,500 of those borrowers. Not all took out a subprime loan. Not all refinanced multiple times during the housing bubble. Not all are unemployed. And, not all will get a modification. But every one of them has a mortgage with Bank of America, the first major bank to establish an entire department to keep as many of these loans out of foreclosure as possible. Mairone is the new face of that department. She will meet with some of these borrowers.