[Update 1: deal is for whole loans, not MBS] DebtX is bundling nearly $1.1 billion of loans into residential and commercial whole loans for 10 deals over the next six weeks or so, as investor demand appears to be picking up steam. The Boston-based firm said the sales include $784 million of commercial real estate and $363 million of residential loans. "The volume of loans sales at DebtX reflects the heightened importance among financial institutions of entering 2011 with a stronger balance sheet," said Kingsley Greenland, DebtX chief executive. "Financial institutions are selling to take advantage of rising loan prices and growing demand from investors around the world. Given the range of product being offered through early December, DebtX expects active bidding for both performing and non-performing loans." JPMorgan Chase (JPM) recently sold $1.1 billion of CMBS, and other deals are in various states of the pipeline as yields are trading near year lows, according to Bloomberg. Write to Jason Philyaw.