Loan sale advisor DebtX says prices rose on both performing and nonperforming loans traded through the firm's CRE marketplace in August.

"The August price increase reflects the continuing recovery in the CRE capital markets and accelerating demand for loans," said Will Mercer, DebtX's managing director.

The average weighted price of whole loans backing the entire U.S. commercial mortgage-backed securities market edged up from 85.9% last year to 88.1%, according to DebtX data.

The weighted average price of impaired performing loans hit 77.7%, up from 70.5% in August of 2011. Meanwhile, the average price of nonperforming CRE loans moving through DebtX's systems hit 50.4% in August, up from 41.4% a year ago.

The loan liquidity index, a monthly barometer of liquidity for pools of loans sold at DebtX, was 110.4, down slightly from 111.7 in July 2012. The index was 94.8 in August 2011.