The commercial real estate loan market is experiencing a recovery with prices for both performing and nonperforming CRE loans edging up in October, according to DebtX.

The loan sale adviser reported that the price of whole loans backing U.S. CMBS grew to 88.9% in October, up from 88.7% in September 2012.

By October 31, DebtX had priced 54,825 CRE loans with an aggregate principal balance of $765.5 billion.

"Loan prices rose again in October due to the continuing recovery in the CRE capital markets and steady demand for product from a broad range of investors," said DebtX managing director Will Mercer. "Non-performing and impaired performing CRE loans are up strongly from a year ago."

The loan liquidity index, which gauges the liquidity of loan pools sold by DebtX, rose in October to an index score of 108.4, up from 93.6 a year earlier.