Lenders who use Del Mar DataTrac's loan origination product suite now have access to Motivity's Movation Business Management Platform. The two firms integrated their systems to offer lenders a better way to control their business operations. “DMD president Rob Katz has long been a proponent of the benefits of data-driven business intelligence," said Tyler Sherman, CEO of Motivity Solutions. Motivity's platform combines a firm's existing systems and turns multiple data sources into information through dashboards, scorecards and intelligent reporting. Users are able to visualize, in a web browser, all the functions of the underlying systems to be better informed on their business decisions. The DataTrac suite is an automated, rules-based mortgage lending workflow platform. The business management platform was also made available on mobile devices in September of last year. Motivity Solutions is a Colorado-based technology creator. Del Mar DataTrac is a provider of loan automation solutions for mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions. Write to Christine Ricciardi.