Corvisa and Sollen Technologies entered into a strategic partnership Thursday in an effort to support the latest module of the CorvisaOne mortgage management suite, CorvisaOne LeadMonitor. Corvisa is a mortgage management software provider. Sollen Technologies produces product pricing software for the mortgage industry. Corvisa said Sollen's product and pricing engine is a fundamental piece for the new module. The LeadMonitor product enables loan officers and brokers to monitor mortgage rates for each loan in a portfolio. Based on a borrower's loan data and personal savings preferences, lenders will be able to notify and engage with a borrower when the rate is ideal for a purchase or refinance. "Loan officers will be using CorvisaOne LeadMonitor as a go-to tool for tracking and optimizing their loan opportunities so reliable, easy access pricing data is critical to enabling their success," said Corvisa president Matt Lautz. Corvisa will release a beta program for CorvisaOne LeadMonitor, beginning Nov. 1. The company said the program will be available to the entire industry by the end of the year. Write to Christine Ricciardi.