Real estate valuation provider Clear Capital launched its new Rental Market Report this week.

The initiative arrives at a time when the ability to assess the true rental value of a property is a key component of REO-to-rental programs. The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced a pilot program in February to sell approximately 2,500 Fannie Mae properties in key markets to investors who will turn them into rentals. Solutions that allow market participants to assess yield and overall value help investors determine which REOs should be added to their portfolios.

The report from Clear Capital is an extension of its broker price opinion report. 

"With investment opportunities in rental properties heating up, investors and organizations are looking for much higher degrees of insight into the rental potential of their properties. This level of insight is only possible from a feet on the ground analysis," said Kevin Marshall, president and co-founder of Clear Capital. "Our Rental Market Report was designed specifically to provide the intelligence needed to reduce risk and ensure better returns on investments in rental properties."

The report allows participants to evaluate the income-earning potential of properties by helping them make decisions about specific repairs. It also was designed with the mission of reducing risk and improving outcomes when it comes to leaseback and REO-to-Rental programs.

Clear Capital's Rental Market Report is filled out by brokers and agents who inspect the properties.