The number of distressed borrowers in Florida with mortgages owned or serviced by CitiGroup (C) that benefited from foreclosure prevention efforts outnumbered borrowers who were foreclosed on 16 to one during Q309, the bank announced. That’s up from a ratio of six to one in Q308 for the portion of Citi’s $750bn portfolio of mortgages it owns or services located in Florida. Nationwide, Citi said its provided loss mitigation service to 715,000 borrowers with mortgages totaling nearly $79bn. Citi has initiated trial modifications under the Making Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) for 40% of eligible borrowers as of October 31. Citi’s other loss mitigation efforts include modifications, extensions, forbearances, reinstatements, and an early outreach program. “Citi is very focused on keeping distressed borrowers in their homes and is committed to driving solutions that help them do so,” said CitiMortgage president and CEO Sanjiv Das. “We are pleased with our progress to date, but there is more to be done. Recent improvements in documentation requirements and increased borrower awareness are resulting in greater success for trial modifications and other solutions.” “Communication is essential to success, and we strongly encourage homeowners who find themselves in financial distress to call their mortgage company right away to get help as soon as possible. Your mortgage company is here to help, and remember that our counseling is free of charge,” Das added. Write to Austin Kilgore.