The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau received feedback from industry trade groups and consumer law centers on its proposed servicing rules this week.

The agency said it's "actively reviewing and considering comments it has received from the public on the proposed rules to understand how the final rules can be improved."

Thus far, the rules have been accused of going too far in some cases (see MBA's response), while consumer groups claim they don't go far enough to end dual-track foreclosures and other issues impacting distressed borrowers.

However, the CFPB views the rules as minimal national standards and says they can work in tandem with other requirements outlined by state law, consent orders and the national mortgage servicing settlement, the agency explained.

The CFPB says the agency's loss mitigation rules ensure borrowers who submit an application by a reasonable deadline with receive a comprehensive review of their ability to enter into some type of home retention plan.

The deadline for the rule's official launch is Jan. 21, giving the CFPB less than four months to evaluate the feedback and propose a final draft of the rule.