Carrington Technology Solutions and Equator Business came together to create RentPointe, a single-family asset suite designed to enhance multiple property portfolios.

RentPointe combines Carrington’s software application that manages single-family rental properties portfolios with Equator’s EQ Investor Platform. The software allows users to more effectively fulfill their acquisition, property management, and asset disposition responsibilities.         

Among the features, Equator’s EQ Investor Platform offers REO rental, acquisition, and REO disposition. RentPointe combined with these features provides users with access to Equator and Carrington data along with an electronic marketplace to manage vendor orders in real-time.     

“We designed RentPointe to be a ‘manager of managers’ software solution,” said Brent Rasmussen, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Carrington Technology Solutions.

RentPointe focuses on providing every detail of the rental process. Users can upload electronic documentation for lease and rental agreements, invoices, and vendor contracts to be safely stored online.  

John Vella, Chief Operations Officer for Equator, said, “By partnering with Carrington in this way, we are able to offer RentPointe to our existing customer base and quickly bring to market a solution the industry desperately needs.”