Carrington Real Estate Services announced its new mobile online resource for agents, called MyFUELCenter. The resource, which is designed to save agents time, was created to increase the productivity of agents and promote business growth through 24/7 access to information, training, supper and business tools. 

MyFUELCenter, which features a contemporary interface incorporating an icon-based design made popular by tablets and smartphones, is intended to allow Carrington agents to access all of the information necessary to close more deals and add value to consumers in just two clicks or less. 

"Today's agents depend on technology to help them conduct their business effectively from wherever they are," said Carrington's President Steve DiUbaldo. "We want our agents to feel fully connected and confident in the support Carrington provides to help them achieve success, and MyFUELCenter is the latest example of our commitment to giving them the support they deserve."

The online resources incorporates a training and education portal with customized resources to help agents ensure compliance of company and industry guidelines. 

With on-the-spot training to the national brokerage’s geographically dispersed agent network, the site allows agents to better contend with the challenge of managing multiple offers on properties in what has become a seller’s market. Agents are also provided easy access to the company’s Offer Management System, which ensures that every offer is successfully delivered to the seller for consideration and that agents have complete transparency throughout the process. 

The site’s online marketing resource provides agents access to everything they need to successfully position themselves and the Carrington brand in their local market – from business cards to customizable marketing materials and giveaway items, as well as guidance for establishing a digital marketing strategy. 

"With MyFUELCenter, we’re empowering our agents to outperform their competition," said Carrington's Executive Vice President and Head of Global Operations Wendy Forsythe. "By providing everything they could possibly need right at their fingertips, we can help our agents establish themselves as expert resources in their communities and work to their full potential."