The rise of single-family rentals prompted Carrington Technology Solutions and Equator Business Solutions to roll out RentPointe, a proprietary software application designed to give investors, banks and property management firms a chance to manage multiple property portfolios from one tech platform.

RentPointe is Carrington Technology Solutions proprietary software application. Carrington has an exclusive agreement with default servicing technology provider Equator to integrate RentPointe into Equator's EQ Investor Platform.

"RentPointe was specifically designed to meet a growing need within the single-family rental market for more efficient portfolio management and a solution with the ability to manage multiple property managers simultaneously," said Brent Rasmussen, executive vice president and CIO for Carrington Technology Solutions.

RentPointe enables real-time, simultaneous oversight of multiple property managers on a national basis.

"The integration of RentPointe into our EQ Investor Platform provides the market with something it desperately needs – a better way to manage today’s larger, more geographically diverse rental property portfolios," added John Vella, COO for Equator.

"We look forward to demonstrating the end-to-end capability of this industry-leading platform that specifically addresses the various needs of real estate investors at IMN."